Hot-cold therapy is one of the few things that truly makes me (Peter) feel at peace.


I was frustrated by the lack of good sauna and cold tub infrastructure in Vancouver. I was looking for a functional facility that could provide a properly hot sauna and ice-cold tubs, that I could use routinely.

Most recreation centre sauna's barely work and the pools aren't cold.

Luxury and retreat style spa's aren't affordable or practical to use routinely.

So, I set out to build the Tality Spa. I wanted it to be functional and built around the community. As a small business owner and self proclaimed recreational athlete, I needed this. I needed a place to decompress, unwind, connect with others, and heal. Not just once a year, but every week. I believe that to be your best self, you have to prioritize your rest and recovery. 

The Tality Secret Spa is just the beginning. Join us in the sauna healing revolution!