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My name is Peter Chen

I founded Tality Kombucha while studying commerce at UBC back in 2019. I love our kombucha, but we just couldn't make the business work. After all, I was equal parts young and dumb. I became a slave to debt, and I had a constant feeling of deep, deep failure.


This led me to lean into the magic of hot-cold cycling. It was one of the only times I'd feel at peace. After a solid sauna push and ice cold plunge, I'd feel connected with myself, and - grateful. 


But I was frustrated with the lack of "good" sauna and cold plunge infrastructure in Vancouver. After months of searching for the right business partners, consulting with my mentors, and leveraging even more personal debt, we launched the Secret Spa behind our brewery June of 2022. 

It became obvious that Vancouver was craving nervous system regulation facilities. After all, we live in a climate filled with cheap dopamine stimulation, a lack of mid-range social wellness activities, and disappearing “third places” - places that are not your work (second) or home (first). 

I feel incredibly inspired to do what we can to help grow sauna and cold plunging culture in BC, while building bigger and better accessible facilities for people to practise this age-old and scientifically backed health modality together.

Our saunas are too hot, the cold plunges are uncomfortably cold, and that's on purpose. Our mission is to heal the world through intentional suffering. Our vision is to connect the world through sweat and tears. 

Thank you so much for choosing to sweat and shiver at our locations. I hope to meet you all in the sauna one day :)


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